Re-Usable SBT Face Mask Available For Sale In Mysore At ₹20 Only

SBT Mask For Sale In Mysore: Hello Mysoreans, I hope you are doing well in the lockdown period and stay home and stay safe, In this article, I’m going to present you the cheapest hand made SBT face mask by a tailor in Mysore and also going to provide the details of the Tailors.

As there is a shortage in the supply of Face Mask in Mysore A tailor in Mandi Mohalla Mr.Gopal Rao has decided to stitch the SBT face mask at the lowest price of just ₹20/- each which is a reusable, expandable, Available for both Men & Women in Black and white colors.

Features of SRI Balaji Tailors (SBT) Face Mask:

  1. Re-Usable
  2. Washable
  3. Breathable and absorbent
  4. Best Fittings
  5. Expandable
  6. Durable
  7. Anti-Bacterial Cotton Fabric
  8. Both for Men & Women
  9. Comfortable
  10. 99% Protection from pollutants and toxins.


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How To Buy SBT Mask?

As you know the lockdown is still imposed in India till the 3rd of May, till then the supply will be less but as soon as the lockdown opens we will expand our production and our SBT Mask will be available for bulk order and also for retail sale.

A minimum number of 20 pcs must be bought to avail it at the price of ₹20, but if you want below 20 pcs then the price would be ₹30.

If you want to buy this mask then do contact Gopal Rao +91 8861296302 or Email us on [email protected]

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This is all you need to know about Re-Usable SBT Face Mask Available For Sale In Mysore, If you have any doubts or suggestion regarding SBT Mask then do let us know in the comment section or email us and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family which will make it easier them to buy SBT Mask from Us, Thanks for reading…


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