Mysore City Emergency Contact Number 2022

Mysore City Emergency Contact Number

Mysore City Emergency Contact Number: First If you are using Laptop/Desktop then press “Ctrl+F” and then at the top right corner, a search bar will appear and then search for a concerned contact number,mysore city emergency conact number

Whether you are using Smartphone then Press “Three Dots Icon” at the top-right corner of your browser(Recommended Chrome Browser)and select the option Find in the page again a search bar will appear and then search for a concerned contact number,

Here on this website, you can get various emergency contact number like Ambulance, MLAs, Blood Bank, Eye Bank, Fire station, and many more.

Women Safety Numer 112 or 1090

Mysore Emergency Ambulance Service

B.M. Hospital0821-2511771
B.G.S Apollo Hospital0821-2568888
Chandrakala Hospital0821-4288639
Vikram Hospital & Heart Center0821-2412121
Gopala Gowda0821-2445037
Holdsworth Memorial Hospital0821-2420102
Kamakshi Hospital0821-2545981

Blood Bank Services Contact Number Mysore

B.G.S Appollo Hospital0821-2566666
B.M. Hospital0821-2511771
Holdsworth Memorial Hospital0821-2446644
JSS Hospital0821-2563845
K.R. Hospital0821-2429800
Kamakshi Hospital0821-2545981
Vikram Hospital & Heart Center0821-2412121
Life Line0821-2444936
Mysore Voluntary Blood Bank0821-2444936

Emergency 24/7 Pharmacy Service Contact Number Mysore

B.M. Hospital0821-2511771
B.G.S Apollo Hospital0821-2566666
Janatha Baazar0821-2421225
Chandrakala Hospital0821-4288639
Vikram Hospital & Heart Center0821-2412121
JSS Drug Store0821-2548635
Holdsworth Memorial Hospital0821-2420102
Kamakshi Hospital0821-2545981

MLAs of Mysore Contact Number

K. Mahadeva, Piriyapatna (210)9448374156
Sa. Ra Mahesh, Krishnarajanagara (211)9448073350
H.Vishwanath, Hunsur (212)9663996390
Anil Chikkamadu, H D Kote (213)9886800449
B.Harshvardhan, Nanjangud (214)0821-2520102
G.T. Deve Gowda, Chamundeshwari (215)9900260968
S. A. Ramdas, Krishnaraja (216)0821-2484477
L. Nagendra, Chamaraja (217)9448061077 / 7760589999
Tanveer Sait, Narasimharaja (218)9845066557
Dr. Yatheendra, Varuna (219)9448853655
Ashwin Kumar. M, T. Narasipur (220)9900184789

Also, Check the Contact Number of Members of Mysore City Corporation

Government Hospital Contact Number Mysore

Ayurvedic Hospital0821-2520741
Cheluvamba Hospital0821-2428950
ED Hospital0821-2510131
ESI Hospital0821-2512298
FPAI Hospital0821-2456734
K R Hospital0821-2423300
Labour Welfare Hospital0821-2451740
Maternity & General0821-2513852
NPC Hospital0821-2443502
PKTP Kumbarkoppal0821-2511153
Railway Hospital, V V Mohalla0821-2517238
Railway Hospital, Ashokapuram0821-2482700

Private Hospital Contact Number Mysore

Aditya Hospital0821-2512532
B.G.S Appollo Hospital0821-2566666
Bharath Hospital & Inst of Oncology0821-5280011
Bibi Ayesha Milli Hospital0821-2497131
B.M. Hospital0821-2512401
Chandrakala Hospital0821-2517809
Columbia Asia Hospital0821-39898969
Gopal Gowda0821-2445037
Holdsworth Memorial Hospital0821-2446644
JSS Hospital0821-2548365
Kamakshi Hospital0821-2545981
Vikram Hospital & Heart Care0821-2412121

Eye Banks Contact Number Mysore

Eye Bank0821-2429179
K.M Puram0821-2331216
K.R. Hospital0821-2429179
The Mysore Eye Bank0821-233 1216/233 1794

Heart Hospitals Contact Number Mysore

Cauvery Cardiology Research Center & Heart Hospital0821-2540288
Masters Holistic HealthCare0821-2344361
Simha Heart Foundation0821-2330550
Vikram Hospital & Heart Center0821-2412121

Eye Hospital Contact Number Mysore

Ashwini Eye Hospital0821-2516784
Chandrodaya Eye Hospital0821-2415808
MRC Eye Hospital0821-2472102
Murthy Eye Hospital0821-2544852
Sushrutha Eye Hospital0821-2427070
Usha Kiran Eye Hospital0821-2334777

Animal Bites Help Line in Mysore

Balachandra H M Dr9448070257
Narasimha C A Dr0821-2449186
Rajendra A N Dr0821-2420823

Veterinary Hospital Contact Number Mysore

City Veterinary0821-2423451
Industrial Suburb0821-2489010
KG Koppal0821-2344052
NR Mohalla0821-2494651

The police station Contact Number Mysore

Ashok Puram0821-2418321
Devaraj Mohalla0821-2418106
F2 Traffic Police Station0821-2418126
Jaya Lakshmi Puram0821-2418116
K.R. Police Station0821-2418119
Lakshmi Puram0821-2418120
Mandi Mohalla0821-2418113
Narasimaharaja Mohalla0821-2418112
V.V Mohalla0821-2418114

Electricity(CESCOM) Contact Number Mysore

Central Service Station0821-2420852
CESCOM Help Line1917
Mandi Mohalla0821-2520102
N R Mohalla0821-2520102
Siddhartha Layout0821-2472846
Tilak Nagar0821-2496777
V.V Mohalla0821-2510702

Crane Service Contact Number Mysore

S. Karnataka Crane Service0821-2402246
Sudhir Crane Pvt Ltd0821-2301818
Swastik Crane Service0821-2433998

Fire Emergency Contact Number Mysore

APMC Yard Nanjangud Station0821-958221-225280
Bannimantap Station0821-2495101
Hunsur Fire Station0821-958222-253300
R.B.I. Fire Station0821-2582103
Regional Fire Office0821-2540116
Saraswathipuram Station0821-2540970

Railways Contact Number Mysore

Arrival & Departure Manual133/2422401
Arrival & Departure IVRS1365/1364
Platform Enquiry134/2428400
Railway Enquiry131/2422130/2422751
Railway Reservation131
Railway Tickets

Other Useful Contact Number Mysore

For Gas Leakage Complaints1915/
244 5846
Snake Catching – Snake Shyam9448069399
ChamundiHill Crematorium0821-2482373
Thahabuze Khabrastan Committee Crematorium0821-2443652

This is all I can collect the emergency number of Mysore City, If you feel thankful then show your greatness by sharing this article or information with your friends, family or even with an enemy on Instagram and Facebook so that they could be get help with my article thanks for reading.


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