Mysore To Hassan Train Timings

If you are the person who wants to travel from Mysore To Hasan by Train and want to know the current Mysore To Hassan Train Timings, Then you are in the right place, here I’m Gonna show the list of Train Travelling from Mysore to Hassan Junction.

About Mysore Junction

Mysore Junction railway station is one of the old railways of Karnataka, which was built in 1870, 149 years ago. Initially, it has a meter gauge railway tracks to Bengaluru, and now it entirely upgraded to Broad gauge railway track. Also last year Mysore to Bangalore Railway Tracks gets electrified and introduced new electric locomotive (Engines) across the line to ensure maximum speed and less pollution.

Mysore Junction Railway station has 6 Platforms lines and 760 meters long which have three different Route viz: Mysore to Bangalore which connect eastern states of Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh, Mysore to Hassan which connect Arsikere then northern district of Karnataka, and Mysore to Chamaraja Nagar through Nanjanagud Town.

Mysore junction was the important railway station for the people of Bengaluru who travel to Hassan district through Railway because Bengaluru doesn’t have railway line to Hassan, therefore the train which has to travel to Hassan has comes through Mysore Junction and then reaches Hassan. but now the construction new railway line from Bengaluru to Hassan has been completed so there are no problems to travel from Bengaluru to Hassan.

Mysore To Hassan Train Timings

Train NO. Name Of The Train/Express or Pass Dep.(MYS) PF No. Arrival (HS) PF No.
16206 Mysore – Talguppa Intercity-Express 06:00 06 07:53 01
11036 Sharavathi Express (Sunday Only) 06:15 05 08:25 01
56266 Mysore – Arsikere Passenger 06:30 02 09:20 01
 56216 Mysore – Yeshwanthpur Passenger (Via Hassan) 07:45 02 10:50 02
56270 Mysore – Shivmogga Town Passenger 10:20 03 12:30 01
56276 Mysore – Talguppa Passenger 14:00 03 16:30 01
56268 Mysore – Arsikere Passenger 18:20 02 21:00 01
12781 Mysore – Hazrat Nizamuddin Swarna Jayanthi SF Express (Friday Only) 20:10 04 22:05 01
17301 Mysore – Dharwad Express 22:30 01 00:28 01
16517 Kannur Express 23:20 01 01:20 01
16523 Karwar Express 23:20 01 01:20 01

*The Timings Between These Railway Lines are subjected to Change in any Time, For More and Updated/current Information Visit IRCTC Official Website.


Mysore to Hassan Train Route Map

  1. Mysore Jn (MYS)
  2. Belagola
  3. Krishnarajasagar
  4. Chikkanahalli
  5. Kallur Yadahalli
  6. Sagarkatte
  7. Dornahalli
  8. Krishanarajanagar (KRNR)
  9. Hampapura
  10. Arjunahalli
  11. Hosa Agrahara
  12. Akkihebbalu
  13. Birahalli
  14. Sravanur
  15. Annechakkanahalli
  16. Holenarasipura (HLN)
  17. Mavinakere
  18. Hassan Junction ( HAS)

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