Mysore To Chamarajanagar Train Timings

If you are the person who wants to travel from Mysore To Chamarajanagar by Train and want to know the updated Mysore To Chamarajanagar Train Timings, Then you are in the right place, here I’m Gonna show the list of Train Travelling from Mysore to Chamarajanagar.

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Mysore to Chamarajanagar train line is broad gauge railway transforming travelers since April 2008, earlier it was a meter-gauge railway line in which the people who want to travel to Bangalore from Chamarajanagar or Nanjanagud Town Can’t travel directly through a train instead then has to first land in Mysore Junction and then Catch Broad gauge Train to Bangalore with conjured coaches.

The distance between Mysore to Chamarajanagar is only 60 KM, so there less number express trains traveling between them and this line has 6 passenger trains at an average speed of 40 KMPH covering 60 KM in 1 hour 50 Min.

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Mysore To Chamarajanagar Train Timings

Train NumberTrain NameDep. (MYS)Platform NumberArrival (Nanjangud)Platform NumberArrival (CMNR)Platform Number
56202Mysore Chamarajanagar Passenger05:000405:400106:4001
56204Mysore Chamarajanagar Passenger07:300108:200109:2001
56206Mysore Nanjanagud Passenger09:000109:4501
56214Tirupati Chamarajanagar Passenger10:550211:230112:3003
56210Mysore Chamarajanagar Passenger12:300313:100114:1501
56208Mysore Chamarajanagar Passenger14:500115:300216:4001
56282Bangalore Chamarajanagar Passenger18:450619:280120:3001

*The Timings Between These Railway Lines are subjected to Change in any Time, For More and Updated/current Information Visit IRCTC Official Website.

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