(PDF) Bangalore To Mysore Train Timings, Ticket Price & Online Booking 2022

Do you want to know the latest schedules of railway lines from Bengaluru City (SBC) to Mysuru Junction (MYS)? then you are in the right place and here you’ll get the latest data fetched from the IRCTC portal also you can easily download the list in PDF format, I hope you will enjoy this article.

There are 41 trains scheduled from Bangalore City to Mysore Junction among those 6 trains are special festival express and 6 trains are COVID special express and 29 trains are the normal schedule trains between these cities, where I’ve listed all 41 trains with Train number, name, departure time, duration and Arrival time. You can also download the list of all 41 trains from SBC to MYS by clicking the download button.

Bangalore To Mysore Train Timings

Train No Train Name Departure Arrival Duration Service Days
11066 RU MYS WKLY EXP 00:35 02:50 2h15m SUN
22817 HWH MYS EXPRESS 01:00 03:45 2h45m SUN
16218 SNSI MYS EXPRESS 03:30 06:00 2h30m THURSDAY
16209 AII MYS EXPRESS 03:30 06:00 2h30m Sun, Tue
16021 KAVERI EXPRESS 04:00 06:40 2h40m SMTWTFS
16228 BANGALORE EXP 04:30 07:45 3h15m SMTWTFS
22682 MYSORE EXPRESS 05:30 08:00 2h30m FRI
6581 UBL MYS EXP 06:00 08:55 2h55m SMTWTFS
16231 MYSORE EXPRESS 06:00 08:30 2h30m SMTWTFS
6231 MV MYS FEST SPL 06:20 09:10 2h50m SMTWTFS
16591 HAMPI EXPRESS 06:20 09:20 3h SMTWTFS
2785 MYS FESTVL SPL 06:45 09:35 2h50m SMTWTFS
12785 KCG MYS EXP 06:45 09:30 2h45m SMTWTFS
16235 MYSORE EXP 07:00 09:55 2h55m SMTWTFS
6235 TN MYS FEST SPL 07:15 10:10 2h55m SMTWTFS
16220 TPTY CMNR EXP 07:20 10:25 3h05m SMTWTFS
6536 SUR MYS SPL 07:50 11:00 3h10m SMTWTFS
16536 GOLGUMBAZ EXP 08:05 11:00 2h55m SMTWTFS
16316 MYSURU EXPRESS 08:45 11:20 2h35m SMTWTFS
6539 SBC MYS EXP 10:30 13:30 3hm MTWTFS
16558 RAJYARANI EXP 10:30 13:30 3h SMTWTFS
12007 SHATABDI EXP 11:00 13:00 2h SMTTFS
17308 BASAVA EXPRESS 11:15 13:50 2h35m SMTWTFS
12976 JP MYSORE EXP 13:00 15:45 2h45m Wed, Fri
2976 JP MYSORE EXP 13:30 16:00 2h30m Wed, Fri
16024 MALGUDI EXP 13:30 16:00 2h30m SMTWTFS
19667 MYS HUMSAFAR EXP 13:50 16:25 2h35m Wed
12614 TIPPU EXPRESS 15:15 17:45 2h30m SMTWTFS
17325 VISHWAMANAV EXP 15:45 18:40 2h55m SMTWTFS
6503 SBC MYS EXP 18:15 21:05 2h50m SMTWTFS
16216 CHAMUNDI EXPRES 18:15 21:05 2h50m SMTWTFS
2577 DBG MYS SPL 18:40 21:40 3h THURSDAY
12609 MYSURU EXP 20:10 23:30 3h20m SMTWTFS
6230 MYS FESTIVAL SPL 20:30 23:15 2h45m Mon, Sat
6517 SBC MAQ EXP 20:30 23:05 2h35m Sun, Wed, Fri
16523 KARWAR EXP 20:30 23:00 2h30m Sun, Mon, Tue
16517 KANNUR EXP 20:30 23:00 2h30m Sun, Mon, Tue
12577 BAGMATI EXPRESS 20:50 23:40 2h50m THUR
16230 BSB MYS EXP 23:30 02:45 3h15m Mon, Sat
6209 MYS FESTIVL SPL 23:40 02:15 2h35m Mon, Sat
56264 MYSORE PASS 23:55 04:15 4h20m SMTWTFS

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Note: Before booking any tickets from the above list kindly confirm the schedules mentioned above is correct because the train timings between Bangalore city to Mysore Junction are subjected to change at any time without any prior notice so be aware of the latest fact from IRCTC official website:- irctc.co.in.

KSR Bangalore (SBC)

Bangalore City Railway Station has 10 Platforms and 2 entrances with an elevator and escalators facility and also a lift facility for quick transactions. KSR Bangalore (SBC) is the 2nd busiest Railway station after Chennai Central.

Among 10 platforms 1 to 7 are connected to the Tamil Nadu route which connects Chennai and Selam and the remaining 3 are connected to the Tumkur route which can be connected to Hubli-Dharwad and all across Mumbai and Delhi.

From 6 to 10 Platforms are also connected to Chamarajanagara and Mangalore Via Mysore Junction which is Double track and electrified until Mysore Junction.

Bangalore to Chennai Line is entirely double electrified and has traffic-free tracks and Bangalore to Mysore railway timings and Price is mixed and confusing that soo many trains will run across Bangalore To Mysore. Bangalore To Mysore Train has 21 Railway stations Mandya, Kengeri, Ramanagara, Pandupura, and Srirangapattana are the Major station across the Bangalore To Mysore Train line.

Bangalore to Mysore railway schedule and Price is cheaper compared to Bus or other modes of Transport, Bangalore To Mysore Train Pricing is for Fast Passenger Trains the ticket per person is ₹35 and in case of Express or Super Fast Express the price will be ₹80 and for the high class and A/C Coaches like Shatabdi Express and Rajdhani Express will cost around ₹400 per person, This is all about pricing now let’s check out the Bangalore To Mysore Train Timings and Price.

Bangalore Metro (Namma Metro)

Bangalore Metro popularly called Namma Metro, Bangalore Metro has two lines i,e. Purple Line and Green Lines and Metro station are constructed in International Standards. if you want to know more about Bangalore Metro Timings then you can check out the link beside.

All Railways Station Code (SBC-MYS)

There is 21 Railways station between Bangalore and Mysore in which Express Rail will stop at Kengeri, Ramanagaram, Mandya, Mysore, and all other ordinary Rail will stop at each and every station between Bangalore to Mysore.

  1. KSR Bengaluru (SBC)
  2. Nayandahalli (NYH)
  3. Jnana Bharathi (GNB) 
  4. Kengeri (KGI)
  5. Hejjala (HJL)
  6. Bidadi (BID)
  7. Ketohalli (KHLL)
  8. Ramanagaram (RMGM)
  9. Channapatna (CPT)
  10. Settihalli (SET)
  11. Nidagatta Halt (NXH)
  12. Maddur (MAD)
  13. Hanekere (HNK)
  14. Mandya (MYA)
  15. Yeliyur (Y)
  16. Byadarahalli (BDRL)
  17. Chandragirikoppal (CGKR)
  18. Pandavapura (PANP)
  19. Shrirangapatna (S)
  20. Naganahalli (NHY)
  21. Mysore Junction (MYS)

People also ask

What are the train timings from Bangalore to Mysore?

The train timings from Bangalore to Mysore are Listed above.

What are the different stations in Bangalore & it’s respective codes?

  • Yesvantpur Junction (YPR)
  • Krishnarajapurm (KJM)
  • Bangalore City Junction (SBC)
  • Bangalore Cant (BNC)
  • Kengeri (KGI)
  • Whitefield (WFD)
  • Yelhanka Junction (YNK)
  • Banaswadi (BAND),
  • Bangalore East (BNCE)
  • Hebbal (HEB)
  • Malleswaram (MWM).

How can I travel from Bangalore to Mysore?

You can travel from Bangalore to Mysore by Railways, roads, and Flights.
Railway timings stated above and flights scheduled at 10:30 AM from Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore and reach Mysore at 11:25 AM Read More

What is the distance between Bangalore to Mysore?

The distance between Bangalore to Mysore is 144 Km is by Road and 139 KM by Train

Does Tippu Express stop Kengeri?

Yes, the Tippu Express will stop at Kingeri, Mandya, and Mysore

How can I go from Ooty to Mysore?

If you want any information about Ooty then follow the link Click Here

Which trains run from Bangalore to Mysore?

Tippu Express, Kannur Express, Karwar Express. In addition, trains like Shatabdi Express, Golgumbaz Express, and Ajmer Junction Mysore Junction Express pass through Bangalore to reach Mysore.

How many weekly trains are there from Bangalore to Mysore?

There are 93 weekly trains from Bangalore to Mysore.

This is all you need to know about the train timings between these cities and if you find something useful in this article then consider sharing this content with your friends and family member which helps them to stay updated, Thanks for reading.

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