Mysore Flights Timings | Bangalore Chennai Hyderabad and Goa

Hi. Mysoreans, Good news for you, Mysore Airport got more flights to various destination across India. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Chennai, and Kochi are the new flight route available from Mysore and the flight timings to these destinations are given below

Mysore Flights Timings


Mysore Bangalore Flights Details

BLR-MYQ10:30 AM11:25 AM55 Min
MYQ-BLR12:00 PM12:55 PM55 Min

Mysore Chennai Flights Details

MYQ-MAA08:35 PM09:50 PM75 Min
MAA-MYQ07:00 PM08:15 PM75 Min

Mysore Hyderabad Flights Timings

MYQ-HYD07:20 PM09:05 PM105 Min
HYD-MYQ06:05 AM07:50 AM105 Min

Mysore Goa Flights Timings

MYQ-GOI03:20 PM04:50 PM90 Min
GOI-MYQ05:20 PM06:50 PM90 Min

Mysore Kochi Flights Timings

MYQ-COK08:15 AM09:45 AM90 Min
COK-MYQ10:10 AM11:40 AM90 Min


  • MYQ– Mysore Airport
  • BLR– Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru
  • MAA-Chennai International Airport
  • GOI-Goa International Airport
  • HYD– Hyderabad International Airport
  • COK– Kochi International Airport

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