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Gruha Shobhe Mysore

Gruha Shobhe is a live exhibition held at Maharaja’s College Ground every year and it been successful for past few years. here consumers can get discounted prices on the Branded product and live stage performance will be made by celebrities every odd day, This year Gruha Shobhe was started on 20th December and will be ended on 29 of December 2019.

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What is Special at Gruha Shobhe Mysore in December 2019?

This time Dolphin has some special cakes displayed on Gruha Shobhe and the replicas of seven wonder of the world made with cakes and more details are as follows:

  1. Petra in Jordan (600 kg, 5.5 ft height x 10 ft length x 4 ft breadth),
  2. The Great Wall of China (750 kg, 5 ft height x 12 ft length x 4 ft breadth),
  3. Chichen Itza, Mexico (800 kg, 5 ft height x 8 ft length x 8 ft breadth),
  4. Taj Mahal (1,750 kg, 7 ft height, 16 ft length x 16 ft breadth),
  5. Christ, The Redeemer Statue at Brazil (750 kg, 9.5 ft height x 8 ft length x 4 ft breadth),
  6. Machu Picchu at Peru (500 kg, 4.5 ft height x 10 ft length x 6 ft breadth)
  7. The Colosseum in Italy (300 kg, 5 ft height x 10 ft length x 6 ft breadth).

Gruha Shobe Mysore
Gruha Shobhe is a Living Style Exhibition in Mysore organized by Simon Exhibitors #152, 1st Floor, Race Course Road, Madhava Nagara, Bengaluru 560001 and their contact number is 080-41138831.

The “GRUHASHOBHE” would be an ideal platform for the participants to showcase their products and services. This Event would enable participants to create brand awareness, generate sales and stay ahead in the market. the exhibitors can utilize this opportunity to reach a wide range of customer base.

If you want to register for a stall in Gruha Shobhe at Maharaja’s Ground in Mysore or other cities where Gruha Shobhe exhibitions take place then kindly download the Application PDF by clicking below

If you want to sponsor in Gruha Shobhe in any cities including Mysore then you can download the PDF below showing the sponsorship details Click Below

Simon Exhibitors

Popularly called the ‘Exhibition People’ Simon Exhibitors is today a well-known name in the industry. Piloted by a group of dynamic, visionary professionals, we have organized a number of highly focused and relevant exhibitions all over Karnataka. The hugely popular “GRUHA SHOBHE” Exhibitions are a testimony to our outstanding capabilities in organizing Exhibitions.

Our specialized expertise lies in organizing exhibitions that cater to such a market. These exhibitions offer a platform for manufacturers and service providers to showcase their products or services to a huge, receptive customer base. They provide an opportunity to
communicate and interact closely with a segment that can make a profound contribution to a company’s growth.

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gruha shobe mysore

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