The Great Bombay Circus | Nazarbad Mysuru 2022

Hello Mysorean, Are you ready to enjoy the thrilling stunts and dancing animals? if yes Great Bombay Circus is there to entertain you during this Dasara Season in Mysore. Kindly read this article till the end for more information.

Pramoda Devi inaugurates Great Bombay Circus, The 45-day Great Bombay Circus organized at the open ground behind Mysuru Zoo, near Karanji Lake in Nazarbad here was inaugurated last evening by a member of the erstwhile Mysore Royal family Pramoda Devi Wadiyar.

Bombay Circus | Nazarbad Mysuru 2022
Show Times 1 PM, 4 PM, and 7 PM
Ticket Price ₹100 ₹200 ₹300
Address Behind Mysore Zoo, Lokaranjan Mahal Rd, Ittige Gudu, Mysore, Karnataka
Online Amazon
Contact +91 9989426627


The Great Bombay Circus has added an additional entertaining treat to Mysureans during the grand Dasara festivities. Over 90 artists from Russia, Ethiopia, and other countries with their unique skills and stunts entertained the audience. A Russian lady who danced along with over 20 rings received appreciation from the gathering.

Promoda Devi Light the Lamp The Great Bombay Circus 2022

A few interesting acts like tower basketball, roller skating by Vinod and team, sword art by Ethiopian artists, roller balance, ring jump, reverse walk by dogs, cycle riding by parrots, stunts on the rope, and comedy acts by clowns among other acts thrilled the audience whose eyes were glued to the performances till the end of the show.

The 45-day circus will have three shows daily at 1 pm, 4 pm, and 7 pm. Organizers are still planning to operate the 10 am show

About The Great Bombay Circus

The Great Bombay Circus 2022

The Great Bombay Circus Nazarbad Mysore:

It was on October 2, 1977, in Danapur town Bihar that Great Bombay CIRCUS had its maiden performance, under the enterprising leadership of M. V. Shankaran. Distinguished leaders of our country, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, E. M. S. Namboodiripad, Jyothi Basu, N.T. Rama Rao and E. K. Nayanar were among those who had witnessed the show over a period of time.

The Great Bombay Circus pioneered the introduction of world-class Russian artists to the Indian Circus and heralded the new era of Indo- Soviet Cultural exchange. The death-defying acts during the launch performance at Calcutta in December 1994 had created a sensation in the media to the extent that it was strongly felt that the Circus industry was on a comeback trail! Great Bombay had always stood to its name as it has the largest circus troupe in India. It is the one and only Circus which had a full-fledged menagerie right from its inception. It has been rated as the best consistently for the past three decades due to the high standards in innovation, presentation technology, and of course customer preference.

The highlight is the African Troupe, which includes seven members, Team leader Khamis Salum Zubwa, Amiri Kisingaji Mvamba, Shabani Jirani Omari Kabulule, Rajabu Saidi Rajabu, Abdulatwif Ally Namtundunya, Abasi Adam Mkwama, Mohamed Abdallah Mnwuga. The Acrobatic Acts they perform include the following: 1. Formation of Human Pyramids, 2 – Limbo Dance and Fire Eating, 3. Pole Acrobatics, 4. Contortion: This acrobatic act needs special mention as the performer showcases remarkable flexibility. The ease with which the performer bends his body in different front bending and back bending positions is a major attraction. On the whole African acts have tremendous energy dynamism and speed hence they enjoy ed by the audience.

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The other highlights performed by our artists include Russian Rope Balance: The acrobatics is done on a rope that is hung from the roof of the tent. Russian ballet music adds to the attraction. She swirls her whole body in the climax shot. Boneless Act: When we watch this item we are made to wonder if she has a body that is as flexible as rubber! This item involves some remarkable body bending acts. Swinging Vertical gymnastic acrobat: In this team, they do some graceful acrobatics in midair hanging on a ribbon cloth. An attractive dual act! Russian Trampoline Net: The acrobatic acts are performed on a trampoline. As a comic element, a clown performs some remarkable gymnastic acts on the trampoline. The highlight is the three-eye act wherein they stand on each other’s shoulders. They first fall back on the net in unison and then bounce back in unison to stand on the net in total perfection. Vertical Angelic Cloth Acrobat: Two long pieces of cloth resembling the traditional saree are hung from the ceiling. The artiste performs acrobatics by hanging on this cloth.

The Great Bombay Circus

The mobile zoo of Great Bombay Circus has horses, camels, dogs (pomeranian and dalmation), and rare birds like the scarlet macaw, the blue and yellow macaw, and Moluccan cockatoos. Dog Act: The Dog Act includes walking on two legs, holding an umbrella, the group slide act, and the roller act. Camel Act: Two camels place their forelegs on a stool while the third camel squats on its knees. Horse Riding: The artiste rides on a majestic and sturdy horse. He also performs some daring acrobatics on the horse. Parrot Act: This is an excellent display of the skills of the macaw and cockatoos birds. The items include hoisting a flag, Beek (dental) balance, Cycle riding on a rod, and chariot riding on the ring floor. The Macaw is a rare parrot found in the Brazilian forests. The Cockatoos is a rare bird found in Australia. The Macaw plays a seasaw balance with two Cockatoos on either side. One Cockatoos rides a cycle on a rod with another in tow, pecks with a beak, and rides a chariot on the ring floor to the amazement and enjoyment of children.


Bombay Circus Nazarbad Performance List 2022

  1. Flying Trapeze
  2. Parade
  3. Russian Stick Balance
  4. Clown Chair
  5. Russian Rope Balance
  6. Comic Juggling
  7. Boneless Act
  8. Statue Acrobat
  9. Chinese Shaking Ladder
  10. Russian Weight Lifting
  11. Candyman Car Farce
  12. Japanese Doll Act
  13. Hulla Hoop
  14. Ring of Death
  15. Elephant Girl
  16. Parrot Act
  17. Russian Lasso Act
  18. Camel Act
  19. Dog Act
  20. Foot Juggling
  21. Aasman Ke Farishtey
  22. Sky Walking
  23. Russian Trampoline Net
  24. Sensational Cycle Act
  25. African Fire Dance
  26. Group Cycle
  27. Hippopotamus Act
  28. See Saw Acrobat
  29. Russian Horse Acrobatics
  30. Pyramid
  31. Siva Pooja
  32. Hulla Hoop

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