Bangalore To Mysore Distance | By Road, Railways and Flights 2022

Bangalore To Mysore Distance 2019

Hi, friends, how are doing? I hope you doing good. If you want to know the total distance between Bangalore to Mysore then you can read this article till the end.

The distances between Bangalore to Mysore in 3 different modes of transport are as follows

Bangalore To Mysore Distance
By Road 144 km
By Railways 139 km
By Flighs 196 km


Bangalore To Mysore Distance by Road

Bangalore to Mysore Distance by Road

The existing National Highway 375 between Bangalore to Mysore is moderate to Heavy traffic road which is a 4 Lines National Highway, in which the average time to cover 144 km between Bangalore and Mysore is 3 hours.

Which is a long duration to cover 144 km, so the National Highway Authority decided to widen up the NH 275 to 6 Lines expanding the existing 4 Line and the authority also ensures that the time to reach Mysore from Bangalore will be reduced to 90 minutes.

Bangalore–Mysore Infrastructure Corridor

The Nandi Infrastructure Corridor Enterprises Road (NICE) took responsibility to construct a 4-6 Line private tolled expressway, which already attracts 8,00,000 vehicles daily.

This expressway is popularly called a NICE road of Bangalore, which connect two major cities in Karnataka. Bangalore and Mysore are the two important cities in Karnataka in which the NICE road help the people to reach both the cities quickly.

Bangalore To Mysore Distance by Railways

Bangalore To Mysore Distance By Railways

There is 31 rail who regularly travel between Bangalore and Mysore. A rail wants to reach Mysore then it has made its way 139 km away from Bangalore City.

The popular Rail across this line are Shatabdi express, Tippu Express, and Chamundi Express who highest speed is 120 km/h in which these rain will reach from Bangalore to Mysore in 2 hours or +20 Minutes (Delayed Signal).

The cost for traveling in these rails is priced at ₹400 for Shatabdi express, ₹75 for Tippu express and ₹60 for Chamundi or any other express.

For tatkal seat (General) the price will be ₹30/Adult, If you take my words, then please don’t travel in tatkal rail because of the seat are available on first come first serve basis, by any chance if you got late then there will be no seats available in Tatkal booking.

If you are interested in traveling in Railways from Bangalore to Mysore then you can read this article Bangalore to Mysore Train Timings.

Bangalore Mysore Railway Line

Until Nov 2017, The work of double track was only completed till Ramanagaram. the railway line between Ramanagaram to Mysore had only one track even without any electrification,

Because the bridge was under construction across the River Kavery at Srirangapatna, where the bridge was to built across the two diversions of R.Kavery which is complicated.

Here the Bridge is not the only problem to the work, but there was a tomb built at the place where Tippu Sultan has died at Srirangapatna,

Unfortunately, the railway line built beside the tomb at the beginning but it was single line railway to expand the railway line Tippu’s Domb come in Between the railway marked.

Later a team of experts carefully transferred the Domb to another place I Srirangpatna to give green signal to the railway line to be built on the site.

Later the construction of the bridge was completed and inaugurated as well after that there turned green signal to Bangalore to Mysore Double Track with electrification till Mysore

Bangalore To Mysore Distance by Flights

Bangalore To Mysore Distance By Flight

Past in the history of Mysore never seen flights flying from Mysore to Other places, but later under the Central UDAAN scheme initially, the flights took off to Chennai and Kochi in Kerala.

As time passed citizen of Mysore and MP of Mysore Mr. Pratap Simha demands Mysore to Bangalore flights. Later the flights are announced from Bangalore to Mysore and Return also.

And recently Mysore to Goa Flights are also being operational.

If you want to know more about Mysore to Bangalore Flights then please follow the Link Here


What is the distance between Bangalore to Mysore?

The distance between Bangalore to Mysore is, by road 144 km, by railways 139 km, and flights 196 km

What is the best way to travel from Bangalore to Mysore?

In my opinion, the best way to travel from Bangalore to Mysore is by Railways. because it is cheaper and you can cover the distance quickly and it is comfortable.

Are there any flights to Mysore?

Yes, there are flights to Mysore from Bangalore which take off at 11:25 IST and reaches Mysore by 12:30 IST Costing ₹1,360 know more

Is Mysore and Mysuru same?

Yes, Mysore officially changed its spelling from ‘MYSORE’ to ‘MYSURU’

Does Mysore have an airport?

Yes, Mysore city has a domestic airport 11 km away from the city

Is there any flight from Delhi to Mysore?

No, flight from Delhi to Mysore, but it can land in Bangalore and have to take another flight to Mysore or you can go through different ways.

Is there any direct flight from Kolkata to Mysore?

No, direct flight from Kolkata to Mysore

What are the train timings from Bangalore to Mysore?

To know More Click here Bangalore to Mysore Train

Is Mysore a hill station?

No, Mysore is not a Hill station but it has only single hill popularly known as Chamundi Hills and Mysore is famous for its heritage site and historical monuments.

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