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Mysore is a place of heritage, called as heritage Capital of Karnataka which is rich in the valuable monument, great sculptural buildings aging more than centuries looks so beautiful which attracts so many tourists from foreign countries to Mysore.

And if you are the person who is searching for places to visit in Mysore then you are in the right place.

How Mysore got this wealth is? The Wadiyar of Mysore makes this thing possible.

The Wadiyar Dynasty rules the Kingdom of Mysore from 1399 – 1950. Under the rule of Wadiyar, today’s Mysore city was the Capital of Kingdom of Mysore.

As Mysore was the capital of Kingdom of Mysore it was developed by the wadiyar of Mysore which causes for the historical building raised up in Mysore

Mysore City has more than 100 historical places and monuments and some of 10 best places to visit in Mysore are as follows:

01. Mysore Palace 1.6 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore

Mysore Palace is the backbone of tourism in Mysore without the great Mysore palace the city went down and may still be under developing, therefore it is First in the list of place to visit in Mysore.

Mysore Palace started building when the old palace catches fire on occasion wedding of Yuvarani. The construction started in 1897 under the architect Sir Henry Irwin and completed in 1912.

The construction was overseen by the executive engineer of Mysore Palace B P Raaghavulu Naidu.

It was built in the Indo-Saracenic Architectural style and after the construction, the Palace of Mysore Named as ‘Amba Vilasa’.

The main building is 245ft. In length and 156 ft in width costing around INR 41,47,913 at the time of construction.

Mysore Palace is the second tourist places in India which attract tourist after Taj Mahal with 6 Million Visitor annually.

At present all the administrative power of Mysore palace is in the hands of Government of Karnataka and the present king is Yaduveer Krishnadatta Chamaraja Wadiyar.

02. Chamundi Hills 13 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore
Chamundi Temple, Chamundi Hills

Chamundi Hills is the one the famous place to visit in Mysore which is second in the list. The Chamundi hill located at 3300 feet above from the city.

People visiting Chamundi hills surely because to visit Chamundi temple at the top of the hill and worship the Hindu Goddess Chamundi.

Chamundi temple is a beautiful structure with sculptural art telling the stories of Goddess Chamundi.

From Hills tip viewpoint you can have a great scene of entire Mysore city and if you have Digital Camera you can click fabulous pics of Mysore city and the world famous Mysore palace.

Air Conditioned bus numbering 201 is the bus available to reach Chamundi hill, every 4 bus per hour starts the journey to Chamundi hill.

Nandi Statue is the famous statue Lord Nandi (Bull vehicle of Lord Shiva) which you can find near the footstep of Chamundi hill. 16 feet height and  24 feet long is the exact dimension of this Statue which was built 350 years ago.

Chamundi hills had 1008 step to claim from the city and it directly gets connect to the temple from Mysore City.

Chamundi hill also has a big  pond near the temple called ‘Kalyani’

Demon king Mahisasura was the king of the city now called Mysore killed by Goddess Chamundi and then the goddess also called as ‘Mahisasura Mardini’ which influence the name Mysore City.

03. Somanathapura temple 38 Km

Places To Visit In Mysore
Channakesava Temple

The 3rd place to visit in Mysore is the Somanathapura Temple which was built by Hoysala King Narasimha 3 in Hoysala architecture in 1258 CE and it belongs to Vaishnava’s Hindu culture.

A General Dandanayaka under Narasimha 3 was the brain use to built this temple in the 13th century.

The Somanathapura Temple is also known as Channakeshava or Chennakesava Temple or Kesava Temple was built on the banks of River Kaveri 38 KM away from today’s Mysore City.

The special thing in this temple is it was build only for worship at that time, but now its structure and architecture made this temple tourist place in Mysore.

The Somanathapura Temple is also a temple of lots of sculpture and art, outside the wall of the main structure art sculpted at every height is based on the age group of that high, for instance the children aged 5-9 can see the animal and forest art at the bottom to learn and the people of good age with height can see the art of God and worship.

When you’re Plan to visit Somnathpura Temple you can also visit Talakadu desserts 24 kilometers away At the bank of the river Kaveri is also a beautiful place to visit in Mysore

04. Mysore Zoo 2.8 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore
Mysore Zoo

Mysore zoo is 4th in the list of places to visit in Mysore, Which has attracted 4 million annual visitors Generating 16.21 crore annually. It is number one zoo in the Mysore according to Wikipedia after Nandankanan Zoological Park.

Mysore zoo was built in 1892 by Sri Chamaraja Wadiyar across 10 acres of land after 10 years it was expanded to 45 acres of land Frozen and now at present, it is occupied 157 acres of land Which resulting largest zoo in India.

Mysore zoo is located 2.8 km away from the main city which is home for 1320 animals, Including 10 elephants and 5 Green Anaconda contributed by Columbo Zoo. over 34 elephants have lived in Mysore zoo. Indian Elephants, Leopards, Giraffe feeding, Tigers, Zebra, Swan, American Pelicans, Rhinoceros, White Tiger, and Lion.

Mysore zoo has maintained cleanliness all the time visitors who visit Mysore zoo is liable to keep the zoo clean and maintain a healthy environment while visiting Mysore zoo you can also go to a mini Safari in the zoo in which you can sit in a bus meanwhile you can have a look at a beautiful park around the Zoo and different animals in the zoo.

Entrance Ticket for Adults 50 INR and 20 INR for children.

05. KRS 23 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore
KRS Musical Fountain

Krishna Raja Sagara is popularly known as KRS, basically, it is a Dam built across the river Kaveri in the district of Mandya. KRS is also popular for its Beauty Brundavan Garden next to KRS dam.

Both Mandya and Mysore District face the problem of drought on 1875-76,  therefore lots of people living there were started migrating to other places. So there took a plan to build a dam across the River by the King of Kingdom Of Mysore Krishna Raja Wodiyar 4.

The Brain behind the construction was Sir M Visvesvaraya, who got the permission to built the dam near the place called Kannambadi, and the construction began on 1911, Visvesvaraya with the help of 10,000 workers and Rs.81 Lakhs the construction was completed on 1931.

The KRS dam touches the sky at 194 feet and has the capacity to store 41,500,000,000 cu of water at a time. It is almost 1km long dam consisting garden and waterfalls, famous musical fountain after 7:00 pm every day make the tourist more attracted towards the KRS.

06. St. Philomena’s Church 2 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore
St.Philomena’s Church

The sixth Places to visit in Mysore is the St.Philomena’s church, this is a historic church built by Mummadi Krishnaraja Wodiyar in 1843 at the heart of the city. The St. Philomena’s Church is famous for its structure and design.

This church was built in a Neo-gothic style inspired by Cologne Cathedral, it is crypt which houses the statue of st. Philomena and the twin structure are 173 feet height and the main hall has the seating capacity of 800 people with stained glass windows around the wall.

173 feet tall building can see from central police station circle of Ashoka road and the people who visit Mysore city have definitely wanted to see St. Philomena’s church.

07. Lalitha Mahal Palace 5 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore
Lalitha Mahal Palace

Lalitha Mahal is the 7th tourist places to visit in Mysore which is the second largest palace do Mysore city has. It was built on 1921 by Maharaja of Mysore Krishnaraja wodiyar 4.

Initially, it was only serving for the viceroy of India and later in 1974 it was made heritage hotel for the public, the design to build this palace was inspired by St. Paul’s Cathedral in London especially the main dome of the Palace.
The location of the Lalitha Mahal is near Chamundi Hills and next to Mysore Helipad and 5.4 KM away from the center of Mysore City.

Its construction was started in 1921 with the cost of 1.3 Million and the chief architect was Sir. E.W. Fritchley. The Renaissance architecture is used to built Lalith Mahal in Mysore.

The Lalitha Mahal is Painted snow white color with dark gold on the border and designer texture of the Palace look soo immersive and rich to see the palace.

08. Jaganmohan Palace 0.1 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore
Art Gallery

Jaganmohan Palace is one the famous palace in Mysore City which was built in 1861 as the secondary house for Royal Wodiyar family to leave, when the original Mysore Palace was turned into ashes in a fire accident, all the members in Royal Family has stayed in Jaganmohan Palace till the new palace built in 1912.

The king Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodiyar was using Jaganmohan Palace for daily Darbar and ceremony, Dasara Darbar. As the time passes this palace was converted into an Art Gallery named has Sri Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery.

This Art Gallery includes over 2000 collection of painting across south India, also has the painting Great Artist Raja Ravi Varma, and Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Rabindranath Tagore also contributes to collections of Painting in Jaganmohan palace.

Jaganmohan Palace also has a huge auditorium for the function of the Royal family, but now it is available for the public educational institution, school, and other cultural programs.

09. Srirangapatna 18 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore
Tippu Sultan Gumbaz

Srirangapatna is the town of Mandya district cover by River Kaveri creating a river island. Once upon a time, Srirangapatna was the capital of Kingdom of Mysore soo today we can see huge amount of historic and religious monument in this town.

If you plan to visit Srirangapatna at least you need one full day to explore the Historical town. Mysore-Bangalore Railway track lies across this at north consisting of two railway bridge at the begin and the end of the town, built across river kaveri. The road connectivity is also good to this town in which Bangalore-Mangalore Highway NH-275 Lies.

Talking about the monuments and historical buildings in Srirangapatna includes Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple also called Sri Ranga a manifestation of Lord Vishnu in which inside the temple you can see the popular style of lord Vishnu in Sleeping one sidded facing east direction.

Daria Daulat Palace is a beautiful palace built by Tippu in 1784 and it is built in Indo-sarcenic style which square in structure. The Daria Daulat palace includes a beautifull garden outside the palace.

Tippu Sultan Gumbaz is the one of major tourist attraction in Srirangapatna town, basically it is the house of Tipp sultan and some small other tomb can be see around th Gumbaz in The Garden.

Karigatta Viewpoint, Nimishamba Temple, Wellesley Bridge, Garrison Cemetery,  Srirangapatna Fort and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary are the place to visit the town Srirangapatna.

10. Railway Museum 3 KM

Places To Visit In Mysore
Railway Museum

Railway museum Mysore is the second Museum do India have after the National Railway Museum, Delhi. Which exhibut various railway locomotive, Railway Car, Old Steam engines. It is located opposite to CFTRI KRS road Mysore, which is 2km away from Suburban Bus stand and 500 metre from Mysuru Junction Railway station as it is connected to it.

This Railway Museum was established on 1979 by the Indian railway to contribute in places to visit in Mysore, which includes Boiler of train, Train wheels, trail mechanical parts and some model locomotive in the Museum.   


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